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Upholstery Cleaner Essex

How to clean your upholstery

When you first buy a new suite you have all the intentions on keeping it looking like new.  Over time it can start to look a bit worn out.  Let’s be fair, your upholstery takes  a lot of sitting on!

A customer from Hockley thought that they might need to invest in a new armchair.  It had become worn, particularly where your head leans on it.  Fortunately they had been told about Blossom Clean & Dry and how effective our cleaning process was.  They called us and our technician paid them a visit, offering them a free quote and some honest advice.

The armchair came up looking fantastic! Our customer was so pleased with the end result.  Just when they thought that they would have to change their armchair, we got it looking great again.

Don’t leave it any longer, call us today.  Don’t give up on your upholstery!  There’s no need for you to know how to clean your upholstery, we can clean it.

Call us on 01268 772732.

Look how great this armchair looked after it was cleaned!

Look how great this armchair looked after it was cleaned!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Pitsea, Essex

Mountfields – Ms Smith We were very impressed with the service we received from you and the results are very, very good….the room is now sparkling with super clean carpets and upholstery!