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Rug Cleaning

Bring back the colour and vibrance.

Discover the colour again - breathe new life into your down trodden rug!

Shockingly, a rug can hold up to one pound of dry dirt per square foot before it even starts to look dirty. Leaving this soil in your rug means that every time somebody walks across it the dry soil acts as an abrasive, slowly wearing away at the base of the fibres, making the rug look flat and dull. It also means that the rug will prematurely wear out.

Our Essex Rug Cleaning service will help rejuvenate your tired and lifeless rugs, bringing back its colour and vibrancy again.

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Our Guaranteed Rug Cleaning Service includes the following

Your rug will look revitalised and smell wonderfully fresh too and our service comes with the peace of mind that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

  • FREE on-site written quotation;
  • No ‘Hard-Sell’ – your custom is important to us;
  • Work diligently to deliver quality and value;
  • Deep clean using products that will not damage the rug;
  • Use products that are safe for your family and pets;
  • Extend the life and the appearance of your rugs;
  • Lift the pile and leave you with visibly cleaner rugs;

Tips on how you can extend the life of your rug

  • Not all rugs are delivered to you with protection applied. If this is the case then it is wise to have protection applied to the rug before you use it.
  • Vacuum the rug on a regular basis, this will eliminate the excessive build up of dry soil, which causes damage to the fibres. Where possible, if the rug is reversible then vacuum on both sides. Take care not to vacuum any fringes.
  • If you have pets that like to lie in certain spots then this will affect the rug. If vacuuming doesn't remove all the hair then use a stiff brush, taking care to brush in the direction of the nap.
  • Foot traffic, pets and sunlight will add extra stress to the rug. Turn it on a regular basis to even out the wear.

There’s no time like the present, find out about our rug cleaning service, get in touch by calling 01268 772732 or contact us online