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Perfect Care Plan

Your home in our hands, hassle free cleaning....all year.

Easy, cost effective and hassle free cleaning which spreads the cost over the course of the year.

Many of us lead busy lives and it’s with all good intentions that we look at ‘jobs that need doing’ and then find ourselves still looking at the same jobs a couple of weeks later.

To help our clients keep on top of the work we have developed our Perfect Care Maintenance Plan.  If you want to keep your carpets and furnishings looking good all year round and have somebody to call upon for specialist stain removal and spread the cost over a full year; then this plan is perfect for you.

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Our Guaranteed Service includes the following:

  • FREE on site quotation;
  • Offer a choice of service levels and packages;
  • 50% off the first clean, with protection applied *;
  • FREE bottle of Spot Remover product;
  • FREE emergency Stain removal Call outs **;
  • Spread the cost - small monthly payments;
  • FREE 6 month 'Highlight clean' ***;
  • Full Annual clean and protection reapplied;
  • Reminders sent to book in each appointment as it's due;


* - The first clean is completed at half price and paid for on the day. Then a monthly direct debit is set up, (calculated by the full amount of the clean ÷ 12) which then covers the full cost of the clean for the following year. In the event that the direct debit is cancelled before the 12 payments have been made, we will take the remaining amount owing to us from the first clean and reimburse you the difference.
** - If we visit and can clean the stain off using the free product that is left with you, then a small charge of £30 will be incurred to cover for our time and expenses. Otherwise the stain removal will be done FREE of charge.
*** - This cleaning is done on the traffic lanes (walk areas) so we can keep the carpets looking great and stop the soil and pollutants from building up.

Perfect Care Plan
Clean & Protect
Perfect Care Plan
Healthy Home
Move the moveable furniture check check
Deep Cleaning check check
Protection applied check check
Anti-Allergen or Deodorise check
Free can of product check check
Emergency Call out for Stains check check
6 month Highlight clean check check
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