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Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

If you don't want to replace a comfy sofa or a favourite armchair, then cleaning by us will revitalise, freshen and breathe new life into it again.

Feel proud of your upholstery again

The soft furnishings within your home are one of the more significant investments that you will make; and the more it is maintained the longer it will stay looking like new. Here at Blossom Clean & Dry we take great pride in helping the home owners in Essex to get the very best return in that investment and our upholstery cleaning service means that you can continue to enjoy your upholstery, knowing that it still looks as fresh as when you first bought it.

Your upholstery and soft furnishings come into a lot of use; and can often suffer from a variety of problems such as beverage stains, dye transfer from clothes or just general high usage.  Upholstery also traps a lot of other things that are not visible to the eye, such as odour and pollens.  All these things can create an environment that aggravates allergies and generally can be bothersome and difficult to clean.

Whether you home is busy and full of children or just a few people pottering about.  Whether your upholstery suffers from high wear or tear or you’re very careful, eventually all upholstery will benefit from a deep clean.  Regular cleaning will extend the life of delicate soft furnishings as well as create an environment for you and your family that is fresher and healthier.

We are an Essex based, family business established in 2008 and are specialists in upholstery & sofa cleaning.  We are trained to care for even the most difficult of fabrics such as wool, buffalo and velvet that some conventional cleaning methods refuse to touch.

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Our Guaranteed Upholstery Cleaning Service includes the following:

We offer a number of different services and packages; however regardless of which one you choose everybody benefits from the following:

  • FREE on-site written quotation;
  • No ‘Hard-Sell’ – your custom is important to us;
  • Work diligently to deliver quality and value;
  • Move furniture and put it back when we are finished;
  • Offer a choice of service and packages;
  • Use solutions that are safe for your family and pets;
  • Maintain a healthier environment for your family;
  • Remove not just dirt, but pollen, bacteria, odours etc;
  • Save money and extend the quality and life of your soft furnishings;
  • Leave you with fabulous clean sofas and chairs that's dry in hours not days;
Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning
Clean Only
Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning
Clean & Protect
Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning
Healthy Home
Move the moveable furniture check check check
Deep Cleaning check check check
Protection applied check check
Anti-Allergen or Deodorise check
Prices from £75.00 £80.00 £85.00

Our Perfect Care Maintenance Plan

Does the idea of having your soft furnishings looked after throughout the year appeal to you?  Then our ‘Perfect Care Plan’ will be suitable for you.  Allow us to keep on top of the work, so that you have the time to enjoy your home.

Get in touch with us today for a quote on upholstery cleaning. We cover South Essex, so if you’re in that area then give us a call on 01268 772732 or contact us online