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Moving Home Package

New Home or Old Home....give it some TLC!

Help is at hand - we can make your home look sparkling clean and smell wonderfully fresh.

Moving home is often a very long and drawn out process and can be very stressful, however there are a some simple things that can be done to help gain that all important sale!

Clear the decks and clean all over


  • Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell - so having your carpets and upholstery cleaned will refresh the whole area and help with that all important sale!
  • Smell is the most sensitive of the all the senses and humans can recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year - which is why it is so important to give your home a fresh scent.
  • Our sense of smell gets bored easily and will forget an aroma very quickly after encountering it - you get used to the odour of your own home and therefore can't always tell if it smells good or bad.
  • In tests, properties that have been 'staged' (cleaned and de-cluttered) sell in half the time and often at a higher rate than those that haven't - so a little time and investment will pay off.
  • Most potential homebuyers will form an opinion about your home within 7-10 seconds of stepping through the door - which is why 'first impressions' count.
  • It is estimated that only 10% of people can visualise their contents in your home - which means that the other 90% can't see past any clutter, untidiness or dirty carpets and upholstery.
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Our Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning & Leather Cleaning Service includes the following

Your home will look revitalised and smell wonderfully fresh too, making it a welcoming place to be...not just for you, but for any potential viewers or buyers. Our service comes with the peace of mind that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. (That's on the cleaning...not on selling your home!)

  • FREE on-site written quotation;
  • No ‘Hard-Sell’ – your custom is important to us;
  • Work diligently to deliver quality and value;
  • Where applicable - move furniture and put it back when finished;
  • Offer a choice of services and packages;
  • Deep clean using products that are safe for your family and pets;
  • Dryer, Faster and Healthier cleaning process;
  • Remove not just dirt, but odours, stains, pollen etc;
  • Extend the quality and life of your carpets and upholstery;
  • Leave you with visibly cleaner carpets and upholstery;

The benefits of using our Moving Home Package are:

But it's not just sellers that benefit from our services, it's buyers too. If you're a new home owner you may now be suffering from:

  • What were 'previously hidden stains' now uncovered.
  • The furniture layout now being different - areas of very clean or very dirty carpet.
  • Accidental stains that may have been generated whilst in the process of moving.
  • Strong cooking or pet odours.
Moving Home Package
Homesellers Clean
Moving Home Package
Homebuyers Clean*
Moving Home Package
Homebuyers Clean & Protect*
Moving Home Package
Homebuyers Healthy Home*
Clean stains and high traffic areas check check check check
Move the moveable furniture check check check
Deep Cleaning check check check check
Protection applied check check
Deodorise check check
Anti-Allergen check check
Free can of product ** check
Prices from £65.00 £75.00 £80.00 £85.00
* If you have work done in old home, then we will give you 20% off any work completed in your new home.
** We will leave you a FREE can of deodoriser that you can use prior to any viewings to give your home a lovely fresh smell.
*** On the Healthy Home option you can choose between either having Anti-allergen or Deodoriser applied.