Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted on Thu, 9th July 2015 by Justine

People often tell us that they thought it would cost ‘an arm and a leg’ to have their carpets cleaned professionally and are pleasantly surprised by our quotes and are happy with the fantastic the service they receive.  Hiring/buying a carpet cleaning machine and doing it yourself can sound like a good idea but you would be amazed at how many times we come across the aftermath – soaked through carpets and sticky residues!

There are many factors to consider when thinking about cleaning your carpets yourself:

  • Do you know what grade your carpet is?
  • What type of carpet do you have?
  • Can you be sure that the method you are going to use to clean your carpet is going to clean your carpet and not damage it?
  • Are you sure you know enough about how to use the machinery properly to get the most out of it?
  • How old is the machinery you intend to use and has it been properly maintained?
  • Do you understand how much solution to put into the tank for the size and type of carpet you are cleaning?

Once you research thoroughly, hire the machinery and buy the solutions, is it really worth doing yourself?  When you have professional carpet cleaning done you should be able to be guaranteed that all of those factors are a given.  Blossom Clean & Dry can certainly guarantee that the service you are given is exceptional.  Our technicians know all there is to know about carpets and upholstery.  They know how to get the best results and can treat your furnishings properly.  We do not soak your carpets (that would leave them smelling bad!) and when we leave, your carpets will be touch dry within a few hours.

The next time you plan on cleaning your carpets, think about calling us to get professional carpet cleaning.  It will save you time and money in the long run!

Why not call us today on 01268 772732 to book a free quote appointment?!

Professional carpet cleaning in Essex with amazing results!

Professional carpet cleaning in Essex with amazing results!